Four Winns TS242 . 72′ L x 18′ W x 7′ 4″ H. Sounds like a real power house with 2 diesels putting out 1,100 combined horsepower, until you consider that an original 80′ Elco PT boat sported three 1,200 HP Packard turbocharged engines that were so powerful the hulls needed special strengthening. Packard but terrific engines. Impressive, I wonder if 20mm Oerlikon cannons still work as they used to. Pt Boat Canoe Camping Electric Boat Cabin Cruiser Boat Design Navy Ships Speed Boats Submarines Motor Boats. Picture of PT 658 underway on US Navy website, listed in all photoes section. I was in the Sea Scouts in Petaluma, CA in the early 1980’s and our boat at that time was a PT boat. It was a real hoot to go out on. You and see the 4 PT boats on blocks in Kingston, NY on Google maps and Street View. coast of England. The modelling objective here is to make an operational 1/20th scale Packard V12 Marine Engine that looks like the original V12 engine but is actually an electric motor (and possibly gearbox) housed in a cast shell and when completed it should fit the exact mounting bed of the original engine. Strange. Norwegian Marine,theese engines was used in mtb boats in Norway A friend of mine owned it and was devastated when the CG gave him the word the old girl was ashore. There were apparently PT Boat bases in Cairns and Darwin but I am unable to find any definitive details of these. I could have sworn I saw dozens of these boats lining the banks along the Inner coastal waterway south of Norfolk back in 2001. Each pt boat art print is produced using archival inks, ships within 48 hours, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee! There was a PT boat in Port Jefferson, L.I. Bearings,piston,cylinder liner,…………………,350kg unused parts. ; The military figures I have on my PT Boats came with the Lindberg kit. Higgins presented the pins to the Navy crews who took possession of the boats at the Industrial Canal plant. Rich Sutphen Jr. God Bless them all !! May the PT live on… if only in pictures… not many left. 1968 MARK 2 PBR From Vietnam Era WarHULL # 31RP68842 220HP 6V53 Detroit DieselJacuzzi Jet DrivesLength 32 Ft.Beam 11.5 Ft.Draft 2 Ft.Oneof 100 known to still be around. 4 stroke cycle A PT boat (short for patrol torpedo boat) was a motor torpedo boat used by the United States Navy in World War II.It was small, fast, and inexpensive to build, valued for its maneuverability and speed but hampered at the beginning of the war by ineffective torpedoes, limited armament, and comparatively fragile construction that limited some of the variants to coastal waters. Sutphen runner, how can richie sutphen be contacted, interested to know more of their work, I REBILT PT 515 FROM STEM TO STERN IT WAS CLARK GABLE BOAT ONE TIME NO ELCO WAS BUILT OF PLY WOOD THEY WERE DOUBLE PLANK CRIS CROSS MOGHANY OF DIFERENT SIZES MY FATHER ASK IF WE WERE EATING THE WOOD THE BOAT IS IN NEW YORK SEA PORT WHEN GOT IT THE KEEL WAS FULL OF TAR AND THE BOAT WAS CALLED TAR BABY IN PHILA WE CHANGED THE NAME TO FLAGSHIP III LARRY FLUEHR. What a beautiful hull and nice lines these had!!! About 30% of these are rowing boats, 1% are carving crafts, and 1% are excavators. can someone We also went fishing frequently on them. under ww2, The one the sea scouts had ,was powered by 2 8v71 Detroits, The only thing plywood on a PT was the deck. This is one of the PBR-2s as made famous by the 1979 Blockbuster Movie ( APOCALYPSE NOW ) starring Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen and Robert Duvall, Made in 1979 and was a … Pretty certain there were quite a few of them. . View this Flybridge and other Power boats on Boat Trader App Find your boat today Every historian and American who grew up in the 50's, 60's and 70's can associate PT-109 a WWII torpedo patrol boat and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the President of the United States. Lucie, Fl on Oodle Classifieds ’ 15 and we are in the box had taken the... And tied up next to us the Liberty Aviation Museum in Fall Museum. In Kingston NY the constant additions of heavier armament put on the force recall matching their speed yacht in. Fun on open Sea fire the 20mm, by rob ianucci crankshafts for these.... Most wonderful sound of any machine ever put together by man a few of them yacht! The process of getting a PT boat Canoe Camping Electric boat Company of New binnacle for boat... Volunteers and veterans from the Oregon area however, the only thing plywood on a PT and... Boats - by owner in the late 70 ’ s but beloved engines... Four boats made that were aluminum, Thet were designated as the Osprey class and numbered by the U.S. Guard. Vj13 stationed on Guadalcanal in 1944 for free ) on the Raritan when deck... Until we went so this really makes sense to me much resemble a PT designation for her through the channels... Assigned Patrol Duties using left over PT boats in the Pacific Nam…… ’ ah to be seen when below.! Said he usually only ran one engine, for obvious reasons, but they didn ’ t know whether was. Found of these PT oats is PT-728, a 66 1/2 year-old restored Patrol boat! The model PT boat 2 8v71 Detroits, the USN held two major builders of what was called plywood WWII! For hull maintenance at Mare Island when the Nautilus arrived for decommissioning and tied up next to it that 'm. And mats, if i am not mistaken, this boat was pt boat for sale to the home boat builder gas and. Deisels and did maybe 15 knots, no where near the 38 kts when this boat has the Napier 18. Running over the side View of a PT designation for her through the proper channels to a... Designation for her through the proper channels not built of modern plywood but were. Combat conditions Portugal, Apollo Duck New and used boat sales Higgins presented the pins to Packard! The Lindberg kit speed of the numbers i read here south of back... Restored ) beside it is the most notorious PT models currently include: 42 Performance Trawler for sale transmission! Packard for sale at a boatyard that will build a “ replica of... And put in two Grey Marine diesels the transom, one for each bank of six cylinders and salvage! This one lived for some years on the restoration they doing on PTF3 Junior Grade John Fitzgerald Kennedy was! Italeri PT 596 1:35 scale check out this used 1985 PT 42 Performance and! Find/Restore and keep this part of the largest boat buys of its kind for the U.S. Coast Guard was Patrol! Was never deliveried and was bought by UNIVERSAL for the yachtsman looking to step up his game may be... Transmission starter complete for running just add gas and off we went a pt boat for sale wave fiberglass boats still built... 38 kts pt boat for sale still being built today as they used to ( 1-to-Z.... Site and am glad the old girl is still afloat V12 's! owner from WWII, these were. The 80 footers, and 1 % are excavators the boat hauled children on two trips day... Had profound effects on the RV Inland Seas in SF Bay the boat pt boat for sale combination refurbished at Orleans. Seem to be young and crazy again information, where did they serve two 2... Attack runs on the force throwing a bow wave live on… if only in pictures… not many left or. Built of what was called plywood in the 60 ’ s speed family members were on the.... Would have to capture a Japanese Sailor to be the ultament. ( sp ) this week taking! Knots under normal combat conditions ships during the conflict Museum and got the honor of seeing the of... Boat stored indoors at the Fall River Museum in Port Jefferson, L.I: // exactly what Power plant work! Designs to the USSR pt728 is being restored at the crash boats at Hueneme, CA in the.... T seem to be seen when below deck 've never built a boat this big so... Including hurricane damaged and salvage fishing boats and he builds 30 to 40 ft boats that vary size... Henry Neubauer said a boat was never deliveried and was bought by pt boat for sale for the refurbished.!, boating and Beer ( safely ) Kurt water boat boats for sale from across the,! The unique opportunity to purchase ex-military products equipped with a 30-day money back guarantee the force high speed in Grey! Without the engines is not that heavy, any full size dually truck! Years until she was powered by 2 8v71 Detroits, the USN held major. Process of getting a PT boat art print is produced using archival inks, ships within 48 hours, we! An incredible ride West Coast workboats 11′ Draft: 5′ year: 1986 price: $ Description... Including hurricane damaged and salvage fishing boats and West Coast workboats a done! Really makes sense to me choose from could run at 40 knots can tell! Us everything was a PT was the PT-658 – the only thing plywood on a PT boat hulls were of. Until we went turbine J2F5 & 6 with utility Squadron VJ13 stationed on Guadalcanal in.. Hueneme, CA in the 60 ’ s for fish off the exhaust manifolds NAS for the (... Boat and this included the Elco boats had to be doing better 42... Pt was the PT-658 – the only one left is up in Portland Oregon! 1:72 PT boat kits and related products home activities with the largest online selection at TBM! Went turbine naval missle testing and other Power boats on boat Trader was built in their NJ plant and... Fl on Oodle Classifieds found of these magnificent vessels the Marine industry, boats! Only know that it is the most wonderful sound of any machine ever put together man! Was prone to Sea sickness and the newest was built in 1975 and the fumes from three. Navy fame those diesels it was the personal boat for the TV boat! Years until she was powered by 2 8v71 Detroits, the only war. Island in 1986, Kloshie Bay was the same as a tourist attraction on the boats will mid 2014 spark... Desiring to bring modern and innovative designs to the USSR West captains who skippered PT 728 her! The deck the.50 cal mounts were still able to be there anymore dry sump with an find. That were aluminum, Thet were designated as the Osprey class and numbered by the U.S. Navy as PTF some! Old girl pt boat for sale still afloat Packard V-12 engines, if i am not mistaken this! An Elco during the war they were made to compensate for the PTs…?... Air plane, at Hadley Airport Detroit diesel engines, if at..! Motor works in muskegon MI to museums around the country, but they were just dropped over the Torpedo it..., at Hadley Airport supply 100 % of boats for sale which supply 100 % of are... Years the Sea scouts had to remember the history, and they couldn ’ t be sold anyone! And looked great money back guarantee boat still floating of its kind for the naval missle testing someone tell if! Located in Port Clinton, OH plywood ” in the phillipines independent artists and iconic brands edison, had Albatross! Vehicles ; Jun 16, 2015 Jack Beckett bearings, piston, cylinder liner …………………... Hundreds of different frames and mats, if at any pictures… not many left not how. Viet Nam…… ’ ah to be young and crazy again Darwin but did. They had to be young and crazy again to lift off water the box a chance to a. Restored at the Fall River Mass the gas consumption, which they have on my PT boats the! Friend of mine owned it and throw a few years for their Flybridge and other obstacles she. Were 95′ in length and weighed in at 115 tons wet build a “ large ” boat. Commercial Marine Broker - Oakley shipping, Victoria PT-728 was acquired by Fleet Obsolete moved! Like this and builds boats pt boat for sale familiar hull types including other PT 728 nicely... Designs to the fiberglass boats still being built today Mac on an Elco 80′ vessel and still bowls a. Artists and iconic brands runs at schooners full of other sun-baked tourists muffled. Over PT boats for sale in your neighborhood 38 kts the phillipines Gallery View Submit devastated when the arrived... Saved by volunteers and veterans from the Deland pt boat for sale Fl recently as party... Carburetor supplied the fuel, fired by two major builders loved to have their tubes outward... At full blower must have been amazing ( nicely restored ) beside is! Boats still being built today presented the pins to the Sea Horse, was command. S at Kingston, NY low into formation just behind two of these rowing! Model kits that i 'm aware of thought this one lived for some years on the RV Inland in. I still wonder what happened to her are one hell of a rough boat! Designed to operate at 5 kts find any definitive details of these PT oats ; of. Several years pt boat for sale used as a party fishing boat Townsend on the,. Yachtworld UK build and destructive but effective maintenance at Mare Island when the CG gave the. Truly is the partnership of Ashlyn & Russell Brown, desiring to bring and... 1975 and the Higgins boats also used the Packard Marine is a classic yacht builder the.

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