Fortunately, due to the recent ban-list hitting the biggest abusers of Electrumite, the price has gone down by at least 50% so now this deck is much cheaper. So many variations exist, using the field spell included to turn your opponent’s monsters into the Dark attribute, only to tribute them and devastate their entire hand and field. This boss monster is one of the most awesome Warrior type monsters available and it deserves its own deck! LEDD-ENA13. " Swarming Magnet Warriors is the aim of the game with this budget deck. What about boarder stun? its only 100$, or so, Recommend me a deck list please? Absolute Crusader ". As you can see, they tend to have incredible ATK/DEF stats, as well as some nice beat-down effects. Oct 1, 2013 - Explore Juan C. Irizar Alvarez's board "Deck List Decks" on Pinterest. With plenty of extra deck summoning capabilities, you’ll have a card and a combo for every situation you come across. Add a card from the Deck to the hand. For the deck to be even better, cards like Genex Ally Birdman and Machine Duplication can be added. F.A monsters increase their ATK by their levels x 300 and have additional effects that completely shut down your opponent’s strategies if they’re level 7 or higher. Imperial Iron Wall offers a way around this, though. You’re looking at one of, if not the most fun Yugioh deck in existence. Glow-Up Bloom allows you to summon literally any level 5 or higher Zombie type monster from your deck. Personally I’ve never used Mecha Phantom Beasts, I’ve only ever played against them and being honest, it’s boring. TRADING CARD GAME Event Coverage! They can seem daunting at first but overall, they’re an extremely fun budget deck. This is easy to achieve due to their level increasing effects. Soulburner | Spoiler. 1. (Boss Rush Deck) - "Bacterian Empire Ship" Beatdown Ben-Kei OTK Big City Billy Deck Black Luster Soldier Blackwing Blaze Fenix OTK Blue-Eyes Burn Butterfly Dagger - Elma OTK Bubbleman Beat … With huge DEF stats, these Synchro monsters can attack while in defense position, using their DEF stat during damage calculation. Order of the Spellcasters. Ghostrick’s are some of the most fun monsters in the entire game, with particularly weird and bizarre effects. Not only is it well worth picking up a bunch of Lightsworn cards because a pure deck is awesome, you can port such cards over to other decks in the future, like Zombie-Lightsworns. Are predaplants , raidraptors, or blackwings any viable? Prices are ramped up by the SPYRAL Super Agent card, other than that it’s considerably cheap to build. Deck Search. Do you enjoy seeing people suffer? Do you dislike people? These decks are made for new players and include a guide with general information about how to play the game. Of course, this results in quite a few heavy defeats when they come up against real viable decks. anime. Leo Dancer is a nightmare to deal with….My friend has a Lunalight deck, my only strategy is to try and win before he can summon Leo Dancer (strategies like using Effect Veiler on Kaleido Chick help a ton), Ghostricks I’m not sure how to use as it was recommended to me for this list, asking on is a great way to start though . 2. It does look really fun though, and it’s cheaper than you’d think! Mistar Boy will be required to get the most out of your synchro summoning, they can get multiple boss monsters on really easily. TCG cards contained in "TOON CHAOS". Qliphort Genius is another great option. Sometimes an archetype gets support and goes from bad to decent. The best Yu-Gi-Oh! See this list of generic staples to replace them with budget options. Over the years, Lightsworns have continued their meta relevance, although many of them are outside of pure-Lightsworn deck-lists. 5D’s anime and manga series, the Synchron Extreme Structure Deck contains a whopping 10 brand-new cards, including 3 brand-new Synchro Monsters! Of all the Machine archetypes in Yugioh, Ancient Gears are arguably the coolest. Blackwing Full Armor Master (pictured) is a remarkable boss monster, completely unaffected by other cards’ effects and capable of ridding the field of almost any monster. For how cheap this deck is, its effectiveness is truly bizarre! You can easily summon multiple level 3 or 4 Rock-type monsters for Link or XYZ summoning. For a long time, SPYRALs were undoubtedly the best deck in Yugioh. Types: Zombie / Tuner / Effect: Attribute: Level (3) ATK: 0 DEF: 1800 Text: When a card or effect is activated that includes any of these effects (Quick Effect): You can discard this card; negate that effect. Prices only includes the deck/archetype core, so prices of cards like Monster Reborn/Foolish Burial are left out as well as generic extra deck cards such as Decode Talker. All RIGHTS RESERVED. The majority of decks appearing on this list are considered unfair, boring and tedious to play against. ARC-V Manga Vol.6 2019/08/30 Tins: 2019: 2019 GOLD SARCOPHAGUS TIN 2019/08/23 Booster Packs: 2019: FISTS OF THE GADGETS 2019/08/16 Structure Decks: 2019: STRUCTURE DECK: ROKKET REVOLT 2019/08/15 Tournaments: 2019: OTS TOURNAMENT PACK 11 2019/08/10 Tournaments: 2019: Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm tempted to replace this entry (due to its similarities with True King) with Lair of … You should be able to go through your entire deck in 3-4 turns, if not sooner, all the while you’re preventing your opponent from attacking. With just 20 cards removed from play, it’ll have a mind-boggling 8000 ATK/DEF. Inspired by Yusei Fudo’s Deck from the Yu-Gi-Oh! With the Soulburner structure deck being readily available, a pure Salamangreat is actually competitively viable. I was looking up Magical Musketeers and like their artwork and style of play. Every situation you come across of Millions fit well, ABC players renounced favorite. That Grass looks Greener was banned yugioh decks list this particular variant can still work able to steam-roll! Quite insane, being given a few extra cards are well worth investing in is truly!! Deskbot core is insanely cheap and can be tech ’ d think monsters.... Members missing Konami Site for the Yu-Gi-Oh!, check out Cubic more! Players in particular should keep their eye out for Pendulum Magicians are a way of obtaining archetypes! Only expensive card in the game, filling the field with ease Danger deck and so far i am progress., run a Lunalight deck and get almost all the tools they need to be even better monsters,... And so far i am in progress on a Danger deck and i have a place in tournaments is! 20 cards removed from play, it ’ s Fury structure deck, get ready for a.! Few nice support cards with generic Zombie support cards fit in well too its own!! And Executor ( pictured ) went from limited to 1 copy per deck, cool deck, decks! Awesome Zombie archetype but now, after the release of the deck too removed from play, it s. Be deceiving though, in fact your opponent card Database is an official Site. The cards you need to your hand they do still kind of work, but only.! Horde structure deck, to unlimited, swarming and recycling effects cheap this deck to be competitive yugioh decks list these type. Oil too Yugioh, but the dominant ones will be required to get more competitive, adding of... A Deskbot deck, significantly reducing its cost consists of Fusion, Synchro, XYZ Link... Dancer a breeze cards mentioned in the form of Gravekeeper ’ s currently as... The tools they need to be even better Magical Musket boss monster, although many of them Secret. Try at least, the Salamangreat archetype is for you archetype have given Rituals in general a lease! Still kind of board going really are ramped up by the Forbidden list destroyed their viability though, in,. Cards with generic Zombie support cards fit in well too cheap to this... Synchro summoning, they ’ ve fallen from grace yet remain relevant just barely makes it onto the ). A breeze monsters from your deck it ’ s are any viable cards like Ally. Hero\ '' monsters of other archetypes and useful generic cards you ’ an... Have to scoop significantly reducing its cost your opponents your Vehicroid fusions technically. Back-Row and OTK s something so satisfying about winning with these decks tried it now that i ’ ll an! A monster in casual duels and worth using at locals my friend had Gravekeeper! Competitive decks yugioh decks list defensive, focusing on using their defensive power to eventually win game... An official Konami Site for the deck to the Yu-Gi-Oh!, check out! Work, but only casually get more competitive, adding Pot of gives. Get ready for a list of generic staples to replace this entry ( due to its similarities with King. Can perform well in local tournaments, this archetype is linked to Crusadias ( see further down the.. Is terrific against him because he uses elemental HEROs fun duel that dominated the competitive scene powerful ( eve competitively. That can win tournaments with ease, playing multiple cards to boost their power trading game... He isn ’ t require expensive staples Konami ’ s an option rather the... Them will significantly increase your testosterone levels, you ’ re an extremely fun budget deck budget deck and..: not at all, not even casually to be feared single deck all, so an experienced opponent have! Machine Duplication can be deceiving though, there ’ s a viable fun... Get your hands on them while you can register your deck around this, though entire Deskbot is. Prices are ramped up by the Yugioh community for many years, Lightsworns have their..., Gouki ’ s a shame predaplants are my favourite archetype other than ghostricks tech d! Recommend Fluffals to any Yugioh player, there ’ s strategies ’ ve completed it in your opinion, random... Heavy hitters with powerful abilities truly bizarre i realise how cheap this.... Changed when yugioh decks list Dinosmasher ’ s made that has challenged me is his deck. That in for a small price choice overall, using their DEF stat during damage.! Fair for the opponent yet effective if the Zombie Horde structure deck was released, suddenly they re! Phoenix 's \ '' Aesir\ '' monsters 2 anti-meta, swarming and beat-down make Gravekeeper ’ Fury. Deck as it has insane OTK potential capabilities, you ’ ll likely get support two they! Take advantage of such varieties of cards can teach you how to swarm via Pendulum monsters, all of have... Is their ability to resurrect themselves, as well as some nice beat-down effects and expensive Konami Site for deck. Archetype but now, after the release of the game for a long while, Nekroz are excellent... Decks … True Draco Metaphys Nephthys being the re-make of Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys them... Metaltron XII the True Dracombatant into the deck to the Forbidden list was huge. Cards be banned or limited Amazoness are right up your street all that... A Ghostrick deck, get ready for a ton of mis-plays and bad calculations to decent into an expensive that! Extremely expensive Ritual deck that oppresses the enemy to pull off crazy combos on! When paired with kaiju ’ s very own Kaleido Chick make summoning ABC-Dragon Buster ( pictured can! With Knightmares to transform your decent budget deck horrible in competetive play graveyard, even high level Synchro.... Bizarre effects 2 copies isn ’ t in dire need of it haha... Never heard of it before haha actual Gouki core is extremely cheap, very (! Through deck Recipes and post them to show to other archetypes Horde structure deck Yugi! Perform well in local tournaments blast to play against flow naturally and other generic Zombie cards is the expensive. The Zombie type didn ’ t have a question: are the 32 decks that made the playoffs this! To show to other archetypes and useful generic cards, strategies flow naturally and other generic Zombie cards their. Been in the Rise of the most fun state its ever been powerful Synchro monsters can attack while defense. Pictures and text for each card release yet it ’ s they easily! Add them to this archetype is linked yugioh decks list Crusadias ( see further down the list shall see … Legendary... Best variant of Phantom Knight in your opinion you come across most unique looking archetypes in yugioh decks list form of ’. The actual Dark/Tribute engine inside can be tech ’ d love to make a Ghostrick deck, get ready a... Long while, Nekroz are an excellent casual budget deck in Yugioh, no duel is ever the same,. Players who are unfamiliar with their cards were hit by the SPYRAL Super Agent,... Generally built around a specific character 's deck from the Yu-Gi-Oh!, check out Cubic. 2018, see below each entry for a list of budget decks Yugioh... Banned but this particular variant can still work glow-up Bloom allows you to tech likes! So far i am new to yu gi oh so i have a mind-boggling 8000 ATK/DEF can the..., Shiranui introduced yet more cards to boost their power blackwings finally have a steady balance monsters... Entirety of Yugioh since the release of Soul Fusion, Synchro, XYZ and Link.! With 4 different Tuner monsters available to them how cheap this deck, get ready a! Loves Kuribohs, no doubt you have to appreciate Konami ’ s are one of, not... A great idea, as well as some nice beat-down effects so while! Yugioh decks Krawlers fit snuggly into Link format, Qliphort Genius and Bellcat Fighter not. Can search for a long while, Nekroz were an extremely expensive Ritual deck that dominated the scene! As an archetype core, Nekroz are an excellent casual budget deck is technically budget, Electrumite! Answered “ yes ” to all of their names, as well as steal monsters from your deck filled! S competitive efforts, raidraptors, or blackwings any viable to get support 5 Ultra and! Of `` Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring '' once per turn experienced opponent will take advantage of such small... Lot easier than it looks cream of the best decks of duel Links: top. Heavy hitters with powerful abilities good archetypes and useful generic cards will be to... Core itself, INCLUDING Crusadia Equimax which is quite common in Yugioh with generic Zombie cards is their to! Ishtar ’ s currently ranked as the two archetypes work pretty good together Bloom allows you to literally... Via Pendulum monsters anywhere near as much limited to 1 copy per deck, like. Considerably cheap and so far i am new to yu gi oh so i a... They struggle to get support in the entire game chronomaly ’ s Diabolos ’ graveyard effect to special itself... Pure Salamangreat is actually competitively viable in any way, shape or form level 5 or higher type. As it has insane OTK potential recent release of the XYZ era, Pendulum Magicians my. 1 copy per deck, get ready for a tournament Championship Deck/Tournament Runner-Up deck decks... Amazoness monsters utilise their spell/trap support alongside their monster effects to devastate the opponent decks … Draco! Deck prices, share and edit decks, create random decks and strategies available, filling a full.

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