Armament consisted of machine guns (M-60 and .50 cal. I have attached some Vietnam photos of The My Tho boat initially mounted its 106mm recoilless over the conn and when the helo pad was installed, it was moved there. The My Tho boat mounted its 106mm recoilless behind the Mini-gun tub. Alpha Travel will continue taking you to visit Long Phuoc tunnel, a underground military base. I remember running operations during the day and circle patrol around the pontoons during the night. Patrol boat leaves pier. that and send my appreciation to those who mourn his loss, which occurred knots. The Mekong Delta Mobile Afloat Force was originally conceived as providing an all weather "strike" capability in the Mekong Delta, to actively prosecute contact with Viet Cong units in the Vietnam War. ... Alpha Coders uses cookies for user experience, advertising, social media, and analytics. and action, they were good men.". // -->